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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

What's Major about this blog?

Whats going on blog world? I know you’re wondering what the funny blog name is about and before I let your imaginations run too wild ill explain a bit about myself and what you can look for on this blog. First order of biz will be to explain what that funny blog names about, my last name happens to be Major (seriously) and I love and also happen to play the game of Basketball. Thought I would clear up exactly what bball we will be dissecting here, not that all you baseball purist aren’t welcomed here but this is a 100% basketball site 24/7. I currently play college basketball @Purchase College located in the outskirts of White Plains, NY. This is my senior year and last year of Basketball so its kind of bittersweet but im counting on this year being one that doesn’t leave the wrong taste. I have enjoyed some modest success on the Division three level of junior college (NJCAA) and now on the NCAA Div III level. It’s been a blast getting an education and doing something i love as well. These four years have been a culmination of hard work, second chances, and dedication. This years a little different though, I’d like to take all willing readers on this senior year journey with me as i take you through the twist and turns of my season as well as all other levels of Basketball. Should be an exciting process, buckle up and get ready for some Major insight on bball like you've never heard before.

Below is a short clip of Purchase's 2010-11 team highlighting some of our talent. Video was created by Purchase student and reporter, Mike Zacchio. Check it out.