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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Keys to the Gym: AMAR'E!!!

Ok so somebody’s gunna have to pinch me and wake me up from the dream I’m in where Thee New York Knicks are hovering around first place and its almost X-mas. There’s another reoccurring dream im having and this one star’s some guy named Amar'e Stoudemire who in this early NBA season has put a struggling franchise on his back and made basketball relevant again in a city that has been yearning for another Superstar for more than a decade. Very bold statements for such an early season but a glance at the numbers would suggest that these may in fact be understatements. Words cant quite describe what Amar'e has meant to this teams current success, but breaking an age old record for consecutive thirty point games(7) today with his eighth straight (all wins for the Knicks), speaks volumes of his early season impact. As a life long Knick fan I’ve been taking a look at Stoudemire's recent challenge of the record, and also have been loving the W's that have come with him streaking. Also didn’t want to give him the keys so early in the week because I knew the significance of this game that was coming at weeks end. So thanks Amar'e for making my thoughts and words prophetic this week and now comes dare I say it? The biggest week of games on the schedule in the young season. With the hated Boston Celtics next on the docket, and The streaking Miami Heat coming to town on Friday we will cont to see what these New Look Knicks are all about against the Associations elite. Can’t say enough about AMAR'E and the streak so ill stop here and bask in the glory for now. Something’s telling me we may have a repeat winner of the Keys this time next week.

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  1. This weeks games are gonna be huge for the Knicks, already got one win Sunday against Denver. Bring on Boston and Miami!!!