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Monday, December 6, 2010

Keys to the Gym: Lebron James

This weeks Keys to the Gym is going to none other than Mr. Lebron James and Man-O-Man did he put on in front of a sell out crowd/sports world.  Took a while for me to post these weeks keys partly because I was busy eating crow along with others who had choice words for James, (although I did predict that forty on twitter (check the record @bballmajor) lol.)  Secondly I had to let a performance like that breathe; "King James" shut the mouths of all who were in attendance in his once beloved Cleveland.  All the passive aggressive tee-shirts and cheesy signs in the world couldn’t help be a sixth man for a Cavaliers team who for lack of a better word is lacking in just about every position on the roster.  So Lebron handled his biz back at the "Q" and silenced the fans who onced called him "King" and critics who revered him for his prolific play for 7 yrs.  So now what? Does the Heat team rally around James' conquering of his exiled city? Ill still hold strong to my opinion about this player and teams eventual fate. (scroll down to see heartbroken Cav's fan)

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