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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Keys to the Gym: Kemba Walker

kemba walker
It’s rare these days to turn on the telly and get inspired by what you see, but that is exactly what happened when I tuned into the Maui Invitational this year.  Every year this prestigious tournament held in the paradise called Hawaii always provides a great showcase for a new star in college b-ball to shine and this year Kemba Walker of UCONN's star shined throughout the gym.  The Bronx native put on a performance for the ages putting his unranked, young Connecticut team on his back and leading them to a championship many didn’t think was feasible.  With three teams in the top ten in attendances at the invitational, it seemed like a long shot UCONN would do anything more than just compete and play hard, but that is why College basketball is the special sport that it is.  Early season ranking don’t mean much when you have a star like Walker who can step up to the challenge night after night and shoulder the load through such a tough tourney.  The performance put on this week in Hawaii will be entrenched in the minds of Pro scouts, locals, fellow college b-ball players for a long while.  I can’t say that I’m surprised that a Bronx boy (my hometown) that also attended Rice High School (my former H.S) played out of his mind and did something epic.  When you mix those two ingredients in life it’s hard to fail and turning a gym in Maui into your own personal playground is second nature ;).  So thanks Kemba…not only for the MVP performance but for inspiring a new section in this blog, because now ill be giving out keys to the gym weekly and with his nation leading thirty points per game it’s not far fetched to think "He'll be back."(Arnold voice)

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