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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The New Team You Love2Hate!!

So the Miami Heat is America’s new team to watch fail and this basketball soap opera stars America’s new fav villain Lebron James. What better way to start the show than with what everybody would love to see, the Heat start the season with a loss. Now that we have got the fact that this team will not be going 82-0 this year out the way lets get to some facts about why this team won’t win it all. Although it is still young yet in the season and we will see this team start gelling very soon, will this still be enough to win a championship? I say NO due to the gaping holes on the way this team was assembled. The glaring reason is the inadequacies of one third of the "Big Three" Chris this season goes on we are going see that this guy wasn’t worth the big money and is a second tier star in this league. His weak play at the Power forward spot will really be exposed in the playoffs where he has little to no experience, but that’s another post for another day. Trust me we will get back to that point when spring gets here. Let’s get to the real stars on this team though because if you were expecting big numbers or strong play from Bosh then you were expecting too much anyway. The bulk of the expectations are on the shoulders of two of the best wings this league has to offer in D-wade and Bron Bron, heat fans are expecting nothing less than a title with good reason but realistically they may have to hold off on those plans for a year or two. Why is that you may ask? Well the truth is there’s no easy answer to tell you why two top five players won’t be able to power their way to a finals birth but its like anything else in life, two men cant beat an army. I could go on and on how both players cant shoot and when defenses (Celtics in particular)key in on this weakness they wont be able to just play bruiser ball to get wins in a series. That’s too easy of an answer and I don’t like the easy way out so I will tell you that the way this team was constructed is a recipe for disaster and built to crumble. Along with the play they are going to get from an overpaid, weak, small and old frontcourt. The Heat forgot to add what every team that has ever won a title has had, a hard nose or dynamic point guard. We all know that Lebron is gifted enough to play point guard but lets be honest this is the NBA people, championship point guards aren’t made their bred. Even "King James" doesn’t have enough on the job experience with this position to lead a checker board team to raising a championship banner. "Magic" had Kareem and I know we love to liken LBJ's game to Earvin or even "The Big O" who also shared Kareem’s talents for a run but Mr. Skyhook isn’t in south beach and this team’s fate is headed for classic let down instead of a Chip.

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