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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Nod to the KNICKS...

So I was a little rough on my Knicks a little while back and deservingly so, but the same way I posted a lot of heat directed their way due to the slow start, here is the post where I give some props.  It seemed like right after I voiced my displeasure on the lackadaisical play from my knickerbockers; they stepped their game up and proceeded to reel off five straight wins before falling to the hawks the day after Thxgvn.  I’m going to give the boys a mulligan on that lost because honestly who wants to play anything the day after all that turkey? plus I love the way they rebounded the next game in Detroit to keep their road streak alive and extended to 5games the best they have done in a decade (kinda sad I know.)  Ill take these steps in the right direction which to other spoiled fan bases such as the Yankees or Lakers may be taken for granted, but when your team has been down for this long any streak is better than none.  GO NY GO!!

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