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Monday, November 22, 2010

On the Road Again

They say that you can tell the true character of a team when it faces adversity on the road, and if that's the case this weekend in Eastern Connecticut my team exhibited that and much more.  This would be our first road trip and for the returning players this tournament was a chance at some redemption.  A year ago this time we headed out to Conn for the same tourney and came back with a 3rd place finish.  All the seniors realized that this visit had to be nothing less than a championship and we did just that!! And it feels great, coming back to campus this time I had a sense of leaving something behind and going back to get it.  The first game was fairly easy and we didn’t want to overlook our opponent but we all wanted another shot at Eastern Conn who beat us a year prior and won the game before ours to advance to the championship.  Getting that first win was good but we all knew that we couldn’t just coast to a win in the championship game versus the host team and arguably our first real test of the year.  The game didn’t disappoint they played as hard as we thought they would and also got a little help from the home court refs which we also thought would be the case, but a good team trying to become great not only welcomes pitfalls they adjust and pulls themselves out of eventual holes.  We controlled most of the game but miscommunications on defense let eastern creep back in the game and take a lead with five minute left to play.  Then our All-American (Marv BiLL) did what All-Americans are suppose to do and took over the remainder of the game, that coupled with stops on defense propelled us to victory and the rest as they say is history.  One championship down TWO to GO!! Stay tuned....

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